Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Version 1.6

-Added a DC Metro Map. Access it through the "DC button. The Map is searchable.
-Added all Primary, Secondary and Enclave Camp markers on DC Metro Map based on Collector's Guide.
Markers' visibility is toggleable. Easy target works on them. Map still misses metro routes.
-Added 6 out of 13 groups of Skill Books (149 books).
-Introduced a collectibles Menu which you can open by clicking the "ITEMS" button(where bobblehead
buttons were). Inside you find the buttons for various item markers.
-Search field now has focus when Search panel is opened.
-Search button now listens to keyboard key "Enter" when search field is focused.
-Re-wrote the whole AS code (took a lot of time).
-Fixed typos.

Current Progress
Working on the rest of Skill Books markers.

For a standalone resizable version go to:

NOTE: If you find typos, or anything displayed incorrectly, please comment.
My e-mail: navcont@gmail.com

Scroll down to view the map.


Christophe said...

your pretty fast with your releases! great update. I always have your map open on my second screen while playing! ;oP

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I enjoy the game but it's way more fun with your map.

bplentl said...

First off, I'd like to say that this is the sweetest Fallout Map I have ever seen. The only complaint is that we need the rest of those books. If you are still working on it, cool. If not, that sucks. This map is so close to perfection.